3ple (real name Tiago), is a musician and producer from Portugal, now living in New York since 2012.
After achieving media and public recognition in his home country, 3ple felt he wanted to soar higher and dreamt of achieving bigger dreams. That’s when he decided to move to New York.


Going back in time… to 1991!

3ple started playing drums at the young age of 12 in a punk band and that’s when he also started learning how to play the guitar and bass. At the age of 16 he started a new band, this time a more melodic punk-rock band where he started testing some new skills: writing lyrics and creating vocal melodies.

In 1997 he joined a reggae-ska band and that’s when he was involved in a more mainstream world, dealing with other aspects of the music business. Definitely a very important learning experience.

Fast forward to 2001, he opened his first studio, primarily a rehearsal studio for bands and recorded some of their demos. 2004 was a very important year in his career, because this is when he decided to start a reggae cover band, this time playing the guitar and singing with some new friends he had met through the studio. Everything was going great with the band, but 3ple wanted to create something new, something that translated what he feels, rather than just playing and singing covers. Thus, his first solo project was born: Sir Giant. 2005 and 2006 were great years for Sir Giant, having the chance to play at big festivals, shows, playing on the radio, MTV and even winning a European contest for the famous brand LEVI’s which gave him the chance to record a song in the famous recording studios in London, the Abbey Road studios (known for recording The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Kanye West and many more).
In 2010 he decided to release an album with more of a dancehall vibe, more electronic elements than acoustic, he felt that Portuguese listeners were not ready for it yet. That’s when he visited New York for the first time… needless to say, he fell in love with it and felt he was at home.

2 years later he packed his things and moved to NY for good, leaving everything and everyone behind, looking for his place in the music industry in the U.S.
So far, so good…

Watch 3ple play drums, bass, guitar and sing here