Make It Change Tour 2017

In less than two months, me and Laurelle are going on our first US tour from coast to coast! We named it “Make It Change” and it will last for 2 months, starting October 5. We will be sharing daily Youtube vlogs so you can experience these special moments with us as well as get you inspired to pursue your own dreams, so make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel HERE.

We have set up an Indiegogo campaign to raise money to help us with gas, food and lodging. We are giving away amazing perks to specific dollar amounts, so take a look at what we have to offer by clicking HERE.

Again, we really appreciate and thank you for your support in advance! We can’t do this without you. Together we can accomplish so much! Please, share our campaign with others, because you never know who may be able to contribute! Thank you and stay tuned!

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